Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Video - Testing in an Agile Environment by James Bach

A nice video about Testing in Agile Environment by James Bach.

Some key notes from the video:

Testers are like the headlights of a car.  Testers don't steer the product/project, they illuminate the status of the product to the different stakeholders

Some of the important things that a tester needs to do during a sprint planning phase

  • Learn (Ask a lot of questions)
  • Know about Testability
    • Observability
    • Controllability (control states, configurable)
    • Simplicity - Some features can take longer to test than to develop - Alert the Dev and managers about this
  • Going through spec and highlighting dodgy things

Other points:

  • Testing directly on the developer machine (Shake n Bake) - a session for 90 minutes or lesser
  • Try to test defects as soon as they are fixed, that's when the developers are still thinking about the defects.

To be aware of:

Automation - tendency to be biased towards automation, play with tools rather than testing

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