Friday, 11 October 2013

Free E-Book - Programmer's Motivation for Beginners

Hello everyone

I am proud to present my first E-Book which I have compiled based on my experience in the Software industry.  This book contains valuable piece of information and learning that will be very useful to those who are starting out their careers and also some intermediates.  This is a very short E-Book (40 pages) and spans across these following chapters.

Chapter 1 – What I learnt from my first real working code
Chapter 2 - How to learn programming
Chapter 3 – Thoughtful quotes for  programmers
Chapter 4 - Simple Programming Tips
Chapter 5 - Attitudes of a Great Software Developer
Chapter 6 - Skills for a Great Software Developer
Chapter 7 - Team work in programming
Chapter 8 – The art of debugging

You should read this E-Book if

You are a beginner in programming
You are passionate about software development
You want to know what it takes to become a great software developer
You want to know what skills are required to become a good software developer
You want to learn more about real time tips in software development

You should not read this E-Book if

You are not passionate about software development
You are just interested in earning money out of software development and not in improving yourselves
You are looking for shortcuts to software development success
You want to focus only on programming and not learn what it takes to be successful

Grab your free copy now by visiting or by clicking the image below.  4000+ have already downloaded.

Also available at the following places:


Apple iBookStore


Some reviews for the book :

"While this book doesn't teach you how to write programs, it teaches many concepts that should be considered by every developer. I'm still on my way from beginner to intermediate programmer, and I can recommend this to everyone from aspiring neophytes to enterprise codemasters. Everyone will find something useful for them in this publication. And It's free." - Felix Scalar, on the way to Intermediate Programmer

"Good job with the book. I read it. It is not only proper for beginners but can be useful for advanced programmers too. It helps all programmers to be more thoughtful toward themselves, the code, the team, the project time, and to their customers"TarekHoteit, a Programmer

Please take your time to read this book and send me your valuable feedback.  Comments and Critiques are welcome as always.

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Rajaraman Raghuraman


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