Wednesday, 23 April 2014

5 annoying Linkedin Usability Bugs! Does Linkedin care to fix?

This post was originally posted in Linkedin Publishing platform.

In this post I am going to write about some LinkedIn bugs that are annoying me for a long time or don't stand good from the usability standpoint. So here we go with the list.

Numbering doesn't work

Irritation Quotient: 5/10
Justification: As an upcoming blogger / writer it really pisses me off when I see that the contents that I typed in are not exactly in the same format as I typed. Why? Because presentation is the first thing that people notice. A blog post is only read if it appears beautiful / presentable (at least for upcoming bloggers/writers). OK. So what's the actual issue. Whenever I write few points and number them in the answers (Let's say 1,2,3,...) to group discussions, those numbers get displayed as 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1... Oh my goodness! I am certainly better than this at numbering.

Status Update takes a long time (for the first time when i sign)

Irritation Quotient: 3/10
Justification: Whenever I do a status update, it takes a while before it shows up on the timeline. What's worse, there is no indication that I have updated something even after typing and pressing the Share button. But when I press Share the second time, it gives a message "The same message can't be posted twice"

Monday, 20 January 2014

Biggest hindrances to being agile

I often wonder how projects fail to be agile enough even though the team consists of talented team members.  So today I am planning to summarize few points that are the biggest hindrances to being agile in a team based environment.

1.  Laziness / Procrastination

I think this is by far the number one hindrance to being agile.  This habit by individuals will result in a gap that widens with each work that is being delayed.  Let me explain this a bit better.  If you are part of a QA team, your responsibilities will primarily include testing of your module perfectly.  Obviously everyone will do that.  But automating the current testing will act as a regression suite for your future needs.  How many of you would do that if automation is not mandated in your process?  The answer is not all.  

So the laziness / Procrastination sets in and the gap widens with each delayed item.  So unless automation is mandated, it will not be implemented by everyone.  So the Agile Definition of Done should include all these nitty and gritty details that makes the entire process more agile.

2.  Lack of understanding

Not everyone is comfortable with Agile concepts and the lack of understanding of Agile has a direct impact on the team performance.  No Agile is almost always better than bad Agile.  For example, trying to be Agile without giving importance